XFree86 driver/config for Paradise(WD) ???

XFree86 driver/config for Paradise(WD) ???

Post by Craig Tavene » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 20:28:30

ConfigXF86 on my recently installed Slackware2.0 version of linux doesn't
have a driver for my VL bus Paradise card (with Western Digital chip WD90C33-
ZZ).  I've tried all sorts of other cards, and even tried to use the
makecard program to make a driver (with no luck of course).
Does anyone know where I can get the driver I need, or give me the info I
need to sort the problem out myself?  (as a temporary measure I put an
ET4000 card into the machine and it worked fine, but it had to be returned
to it's original machine).

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I'd like to get X configuring and working on my laptop (Versa E)
however it has a card/monitor which is not recognized by the configuration
program.  And using the default SVGA settings doesn't work either.

Can anyone help?



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