mouse works with X11, but not selection ???

mouse works with X11, but not selection ???

Post by Steffen Neuma » Sat, 20 Aug 1994 21:15:31

I got Slack120 to work on a Notebook (Escom Paradigma)
within two hours, including X11.
The notebook has a build in PS2 Trackball, I compiled it
in adn voila - X11 worked.
Selection didn`t. Even test-mouse simply does just
garbage to the screen, interpreting movements as either
some kind of random walk or even klicks.
(I use Kernel 1.0.9 and  selection 1.5)

Any clues ?


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mouse works with X11, but not selection ???

Post by aaron re » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 02:35:43

i thought i had this problem too, but i realize i just
didnt understand selection. this may be a stupid solution
but it sounds like the problem i had so i will tell the
obvious. the secret is you *hold* the mouse button down
as you select and then use the second mouse button to
enter your selection. hehehe.

okay, i hope that was the solution and i havent offended
your intelligence. okay...good luck.


1. Mouse troubles, X works, selection, mousetest and 3d do not..

Hi. I have had Linux installed since 0.99pl13, upgraded to pl15 and
finally to Linux 1.0 when it was available. From the first day I have
had a problem with the mouse driver. My mouse has worked perfectly all
the time with X, but has never worked properly with programs outside X
that use the mouse, for instance selection, mousetest and 3d (the last
two comes with the svgalib package). In the beginning I though that
this was not so important, and hoped it would be fixed in the later
releases, however this has not happened.

Let me get one thing straight. It kind of works outside X as well, but
it's movements are jump and unpredictable and it sends "button-events"
randomly. I suspect there are some serious bugs in the psaux/ps2aux
driver. I have tried several different setups, telling the program to
use /dev/mouse (which is sym.linked to /dev/ps2aux) and /dev/ps2aux
directly, but no change in its behaviour.

My current system is Linux 1.0 installed on an AcerPower 1200 (66MHz
DX/2). As I have said, the mouse works flawlessly with X (which uses
the /dev/ps2aux device..) and DOS/Windows as well.

I am getting kind of desperate - has anybody got any clues on what I
can do to get it up and working in Linux OUTSIDE X? (And yes, I do not
try to run both X and other mouse programs simultainously..)

Thanks in advance!
Marius Kjeldahl, student at The Norwegian Insitute of Technology and
The University of Karlsruhe - finishing MSc late autumn 1994

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