rc.net NO??

rc.net NO??

Post by Leung Danny Pui F » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 23:54:08

Hi there,

I've just got the net-0.32 installed, as I'm using a single
loopback machine, so I add /etc/rc.net NO into my rc.local.

The ifconfig and route stuff are configured correctly, but
somehow the server/daemon stuff wont' even execute.

I've tried to use rc.net MULTI and the server/daemon stuff
come up correctly. Why?? FYI, I use tcsh 6.04 if that matters




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Some more problems from s2119737:

In SLS 1.02, ctrl-alt-del would execute a soft reboot. In 1.03 it appears to do
nothing, Unless I run "ctrlaltdel hard" in which case it does a hard reset (not
desirable) There is a "powerwait" line in inittab which looks like it should do
the trick, but it doesn't.

I have run "e2fsck -rv /dev/hda2" (hda2 is my linux partition) but the "you are
running an unchecked file system" message still appears at boot time.
Also e2fsck made some changes to the lost+found directory. Would anyone care
to explain what this dir is for?
(I'm still looking for TFM so I haven't R it yet. Sorry)

Also at bootup I am getting messages like:
/etc/rc.net: ...
        SIOCSIFADDR: invalid arguments
        SIOCGIFFLAGS:  "  "
        SIOCSIFFLAGS:  "  "
        SIFNETMASK: "   "
        ADDRI: Network is unreachable.

I am not networked at all (yet). Do I need to worry about these?

I've got Emacs running at last (hooray). All it took was the xshlibs.tgz file from
the SLS x1 disk. Great. But does anyone know how to set the key definitions so that
PageUp,PageDown etc and the arrow keys work as expected?
(Okay, so this isn't strictly a Linux question, but I thot you lot would probably
 know, so I threw it in)

Nethack won't compile.
The following error message appears numerous times while running make:

Warning: libc.so.4 - incompatible minor version numbers (DLL Jump 4.4p12)

(That may not be exactly right, I am working from notes I wrote at home.
 But the filename and numbers are correct)

Well, once again, that's all for the moment. I'm sure I can dredge up
a few more given time. Thanx again to all the people who offered help
last time. Thanx in advance to those who will do likewise this time.

Malcolm - s2119737

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