Ftape : "Timer Expired" on /dev/ftape problem

Ftape : "Timer Expired" on /dev/ftape problem

Post by Adriano Azeve » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 02:14:04

I appreciate some help in the following problem with ftape/tar:

I have ftape-1.13b installed in my box with kernel 1.1.24 running on
it. When I try to use tar (ver 1.11.2)  to backup files to a
Conner 250 with

tar cv /dev/ftape my-directory

I'm getting the message

tar: can't write to /dev/ftape : Timer expired

Actually some files are recorded on tape and this problem doesn't
happen if the backup involves less than 3 Mb.



1. How do I prevent "Timer Expired" error on TAR (with /dev/ftape)?

I am trying to backup my disk so that I can upgrade to Slackware 2.0,
but I am having a problem with tar.  I have about 150MB of stuff to
backup which should easily fit on one 250MB (compressed mode) QIC-80

After archiving a large number of files (900 or so, maybe 60MB?), I
get the message:

  tar(child): can't write to /dev/ftape: Timer Expired

and tar aborts!  The data on tape is apparently OK up to the end of
the archive, but the archive file is not terminated properly, so I get
an error message at the end when trying to list the archive.
Unfortunately, I can't predict where the "timer" will expire.

I have tried several versions of the tar command (from the appropriate
directory) each with a freshly erased tape:

  tar cvzf /dev/ftape george/*                <- It should all fit on one tape.

  tar cvMf /dev/ftape george/*                <- I thought compression might
                                                 be a problem.

  tar -cv -L 120000 -f /dev/ftape george/*    <- I thought I'd try another way to
                                                 split the backup.

All report this "timer expired" error and abort.  

I haven't seen any mention of a "timer" for tar (or ftape?) in any doc
file, FAQ or man pages.

What the &#$% is this timer and is there some way to prevent it from
expiring in the middle of a tar job?

Please send email directly to me! (I'll never see it here.)



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