S3 928 card and X11

S3 928 card and X11

Post by Eric RA » Thu, 25 Aug 1994 23:03:46


I possess S3 928 card with a ti3020 RAMDAC, PCI Bus, Pentium 60 Mhz.
X11 (XF86_S3 2.0) works correctly (1024x768) but with a little problem.
A small band (about 20 pixels) is not printed left but right. So there
is gap between mouse cusor and real pointed position.

I'd like to know :
- if the band can be suppress (by example with an option in Xconfig) or
- if cursor is able to be manage not by S3_card but by soft (in order to
  suppress gap).
- HP Vectra XP 60 owners's experiences with X11............



   Eric RAVE
   Centre Regional d'Informatique Hospitaliere
   CHU de Tours, France


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I just purchased and installed an accelarated video card, a
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DOSEMU won't run in console mode.  Other text applications work fine.

Any suggestions?


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