sendmail 8.6.9

sendmail 8.6.9

Post by Dopey (Andy Wa » Tue, 20 Dec 1994 18:26:49

i'm running sendmail 8.6.9 on a linux box connected with dynamix slip..
my hostname is
but the slip hostnames are
x being whichever slip line i'm on.
is there anyway to alias the slip hostnames so that
will get mail sent to those addresses..
i know it's kind  of pointless to get sendmail working on a dynamic slip line
but i thought it'd be kind of neat.

553 config error: mail loops back to myself

any help would be great.
please e-mail replies since i'm leaving tomorrow and might not have the chance
read the newsgroups much.


sendmail 8.6.9

Post by Doug Dejul » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 00:44:52

Quote:>i know it's kind  of pointless to get sendmail working on a dynamic slip line
>but i thought it'd be kind of neat.

It's not at all pointless.

It works just fine for outgoing mail, and you can set up
UUCP-over-TCP/IP for incoming mail if you've got access to someone on
the net who's willing to be your UUCP "neighbor".

(I've got to get my hands on the O'Reily Sendmail book this holiday
season, so I can iron out the last bugs in this setup on my system.)

Doug DeJulio


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