Multiple Root passwds?

Multiple Root passwds?

Post by Derek Snide » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 02:25:20

> How does one limit root access to the console terminals only?  Is there
> some flag that I don't know about with the regular password stuff or do I
> have to install one of the various password extension packages (e.g.,
> shadow).

> Thanks,
>    John

The file is /etc/securetty

1. Multiple Root passwds?

I'd suggest another solution to the problem with multiple root passwords.
Why not install a tiny little program like sudo (execute a command with root priv) ?
(For example "sudo zsh" or "sudo lpc"...)

It's possible to setup to allow specific users to gain root priv. by typing their
OWN password, not root-password.  Thereby there won't be any problem with changing
passwords as noone uses any other password but his/her own...

It's even possible to allow users to do *some* things as root, but not other..
In my oppinion it's pretty flexible and good.


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