Where can I get the Net-Admin guide?

Where can I get the Net-Admin guide?

Post by Christopher Wingert 619-597-35 » Fri, 10 Sep 1993 00:59:59

Where can I get the Net-Admin guide?


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1. Net-Admin-Guide CAUTION!

Don't waste a ton of paper printing the Net Admin Guide, until you've
inserted the proper scaling commands into the PostScript to make it FIT
on LETTER-sized paper (or print it on LEGAL-size).

I don't have a LEGAL-sized tray, so I insterted the line:

        1.0 0.9 scale

immediately after each and every one of the 240-odd "%%Page ### ###" lines.

That scales it down to LETTER size.  You'll hardly notice the distortion.

What a pain, eh?

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