Linux & Novell ?

Linux & Novell ?

Post by sy.. » Fri, 24 Mar 1995 07:51:11

I'm very much a beginner with Linux and very experienced with Novell.
I've tried to read all the HOWTO's, but they don't address this

I've got a Novell Lan and just put Linux 1.1.59 on a workstation.  The
things that don't appear in the HOWTO's are....

1.  How do you make the Linux box available to another workstation?
    One HOWTO says a later version of Linux is needed to work with
    Novell, although I've seen posts from people with earlier versions
    working.   Someone tried to tell me to mount the linux drives but
    didn't know the command (real helpful!)

    That's the main problem, another one is....

2.  I can't get Linux to recognize the Novell Server.  I'm running
    TCPIP, RESOLVE, and FTPD NLMs on the server, but Linux returns an
    "Host Unavailable".

Thanks for any help.


1. LINUX & Novell?

Gday all,

how hard is it to get LINUX (RH 6) to connect as a client to Novell? I
would like the linux machine to backup my Novell Intranetware 4.11

Please email reply.


Todd Norbury

Norbury Technologies

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