Logitec Busmouse w/ Xfree

Logitec Busmouse w/ Xfree

Post by David Hass » Thu, 04 Aug 1994 01:45:01

        I have Linux 1.0.9 runnung on my 486 and I'm trying to get my Logitec
busmouse to work with Xfree 2.1.1.  I know there isn't a hardware problem
because it works fine when I boot DOS.  I have the IRQ set to five and didn't
install the non-X mouse stuff that may mess up the mouse.  Hase anyone else
had a similar problem and/or have helpful hints how to get it to work.  When
I startx, the message I get it that it can't find /dev/mouse and it's there and
linked to /dev/bmouselogitec.  I assume the install created it with the
correct major/minor numbers....  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


                                                Dave Hassel


Logitec Busmouse w/ Xfree

Post by Dimitrios Tombr » Thu, 04 Aug 1994 05:05:41

You have to recompile the kernel with support for the mouse driver. I had to do this when
I installed Linux a week ago for the first time. I think what you have to do is go to the
directory /usr/src/linux or something similar and there you will find instructions on how
to do this. A good idea is to get the HOWTO files and read them before you attempt it.

Hope this helps.


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My logitec busmouse has stopped working upon installation of Alpha-PL12 of
7 Aug.  Major 10, minor 0, /dev/mouse is linked to /dev/bmouselogitec.

I can still boot PL11 and it works fine with my X server, but with PL12, it
gets sucked down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen and stays there.
At least some Button presses still work -- just motion is hosed.

I believe this was just answered recently, but the news has expired from
my machine.

The mouse is a Logitech MouseMan Bus M/N: M-PD13-9MD.

Email welcome.
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