Kermit; PPP; & escaping characters

Kermit; PPP; & escaping characters

Post by Adrian Manci » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 00:07:11

Anyone know hwo I can escape some chararcters from Kermit;
they are killing my PPP connection!!


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Kermit; PPP; & escaping characters

Post by Al Longye » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 00:41:59

>Anyone know hwo I can escape some chararcters from Kermit;
>they are killing my PPP connection!!

I am sorry but I don't understand.

You should not be running kermit against the same line that you are
using for PPP. The pppd program or chat should lock the serial
device. In addition, the pppd process puts the tty line into 'root
exclusive' mode (TIOCEXCL). This should prevent any non-root user from
using the line; provided that you are using the 1.1.14+ kernels. (It
may work with the old tty drivers in earlier kernels. I just don't

If you use kermit to dial the system, then you should shell out of
kermit to run the pppd process. This will suspend kermit. Do not
attempt to run kermit on one virtual console and then pppd on another.

If you could explain a little more of how you are getting kermit
confused with pppd, or pppd confused with kermit, then I might be able
to offer additional help.



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to control ] c, which I am used to. Does anyone know what the ascii
character is for that ?


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