Listserv for Linux...

Listserv for Linux...

Post by Ernie Oport » Mon, 13 Jun 1994 22:28:41

I recently downloaded the Listserv program for Linux.  It had some trouble
compiling, which appears to have been fixed.  I am having a little trouble
with it that may be related to this.

1) When compiling the commands.c source, I get a complaint about R_OK in
the access call from gcc.  This was fixed by adding #include <unistd.h>
to the listserv.h file since that is where the access call is.

2) When compiling str.c, I get problems with strcasecmp, strncasecmp, and
strstr functions.  Gcc says that they don't match the prototype.  I fixed
this by taking them out altogether, since string.h has those three functions
and string.h is already included in listserv.h.

3) After that, it all compiled fine, but I am unsure if where the new
binary goes.  I assume I am supposed to put it in /usr/spool/mail (the place
in my system where the mail files are) so that incoming mail tries to get
written into the binary.  This tells me the file cannot be written.  I have
also put it in /usr/spool/mail/bin, as the Makefile suggests, but when I run
the listserv binary, it doesn't disappear into the background.  Sending mail
to listserv just yields additions to the listserv file in /usr/spool/mail
for the user 'listserv'.

That brings me to another question...should I have a user listserv for the
mail to arrive to?  If I don't, the mail is never delivered to listserv.
*Where* should the binary go.  The documentation for making and installing
this didn't seem to hold my hand enough for me to do it. =)

I'm wondering if any of the changes I made above may be keeping it
from working right.  Can anyone tell me how they did it?
--- Ernie "Shokk" Oporto


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