help with getty, respawn & serial stuff

help with getty, respawn & serial stuff

Post by Bruce David Chrust » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 06:18:20


I have two problems that need help


getty is respawning too fast for my VC's, here is the error messages
created in /usr/adm/messages

Feb  3 09:20:10 pc-ieee1 init[1]: Id "c5" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
Feb  3 09:20:11 pc-ieee1 init[1]: Id "c6" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
Feb  3 09:20:12 pc-ieee1 init[1]: Id "S1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

my inittab looks like this...

c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1
c2:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2
c3:45:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty3
c4:45:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty4
c5:45:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty5
c6:456:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty6

I have hooked up an older, but working terminal on one of the serial
ports, when I boot up for the first time the terminal has a login prompt
and works fine, until the individual logs out. Then the terminal does not
do anything, just hangs, no login prompt. The only way I could fix it was
to reboot. Also just leaving someone logged in for a long time causes an
auto logout.

here is my inittab lines for the serial terminal

# Serial lines
S0:45:respawn:/sbin/agetty 19200 ttyS0

the terminal is on com1

I sure could use your expertise!!!

Thanks bruce,


1. getty respawning too rapidly on serial port attached to modem

Whichever serial port I attach the modem to (either direct serial
connection or via an 8 port serial adaptor) it produces the error message
"ttyn/usr/sbin/getty /dev/ttyn Command is respawning too rapidly"  (n being
the tty number the modem is attached to) to the console and error log. This
has always happened since installation. The only way I can get a connection
to the modem is by stopping the respawn to all serial ports (init N), using
ate to start a modem session and then re-starting all gettys (init q) and
so getting a login prompt.

Does anyone know a way of stopping this by, maybe, slowing the rate of
respawn if this is possible? or any other fix?

Vicky Sellars
Lynx Heywood Ltd

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