tftp writing problems...

tftp writing problems...

Post by loDtaQqu'wI » Sun, 25 Sep 1994 02:03:44

I can't seem to get tftp to write a file correctly...let me see if I
can demonstrate:

    touch /tmp/bar
    chmod 777 /tmp/bar
    put foo /tmp/bar

foo is 20 bytes, it arrives fine.

    put baz /tmp/bar

baz is a 40 byte file, it also seems to arrive fine.

    put foo /tmp/bar

but /tmp/bar is still 40 has foo stuck on the front, and
the rest of baz at the end.

Is this a bug or a feature?   I can't tell.... :)  If it's a feature,
what is it used for?



1. help with writing file via TFTP server

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if there are ways that I can write a file to
my linux via TFTP server (I have TFTP service running on the
linux box) without having the file actually has to exist first
(i.e. touch filename).  I need to do this is because I need
to copy configuration files from Cisco routers to a TFTP
server (which is my linux box) and this box is accessible
via the public network.  I need to retrieve about 200 routers
configuration files and I don't want to give people access
to the box (i.e. run command like touch filename).  I know
the simple solution is to put 3com daemon server on
Microsoft windows; however, I am very paranoid about
Microsoft windows.  I am much more comfortable with
Linux since I know that it is a lot more secure than
Windows (no pun intended).  I am running kernel 2.4.1
on the box and very strong ipchains so I know that the
box is quite secure.  But going back to the question,
how can I write a file to my linux box via TFTP server
without having the file actually has to exist on the linux
box first.  This is an urgent situation.  Please help...
Many thanks.


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