NIS problem - I have no name

NIS problem - I have no name

Post by Andy » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:08:26


Myself, and at least two other people are having this problem.  NIS is
setup properly, authentication succeeds, and everything is fine, EXCEPT
that user names cannot be found.  When i login, i the following problem:

Last login: Sat Jul 19 2003 11:57:15 -0400 from
No mail.
id: cannot find name for user ID 500
id: cannot find name for user ID 500

whoami: cannot find username for UID 500

drwx------    2 500      ajj3085      4096 Jul 19 11:57 .ssh2

So as you can see, the group lookup is working fine, but the username is

not.  ypcat does not list my user (ajj3085), HOWEVER, other users that
are listed by ypcat passwod.byuid also have the same problem.

Now, i might be able to live with not having a name, but it seems to
cause certain programs to segfault with sig 11 (nocore).  At first i
thought it was NFS (/home is mounted from anotehr server), but if i
stopped ypbind and added the user ajj3085 locally, i was able to use ssh

fine with /home being mounted on NFS.  kdedesktop_lock also suffers the
same problem; the screen will blank, no screensaver will start, and if
any key is pressed, the desktop comes back w/o prompting for password,
and reporting a segfault for the lock program.

Does anyone know why 1)  only my user does not come back via ypcat?  2)
why no users that authenticate via NIS have a name, causing programs to

I'm running RH8.0 on both boxes, latest yptools, ypbind, and ypserv for
8.0 from, stock kernel.  Any other info that might be needed

to fix this problem can be provided.

Thanks in advance.


1. NIS clients do not like having NIS+ server

Posting this for a friend. Please respond to newsgroup directly.
        I've recently inherited a small network of SUNs running the
2 Solaris 2.5.1
3 SunOs 4.1.3

        They were running a weirdo mix of NIS+ and NIS when I came
in, so I decided to make one of the Solaris 2.5.1 systems the
NIS+ server. I have it running now in YP compatibility mode,
and the 3 SunOS clients run okay, except for one tiny detail.

        When I change my passwd on the SunOS systems using
yppasswd, the change does not get propagated to the NIS+ tables.
Similarly, changes made to the NIS+ tables on the Solaris
systems do not always migrate down to the SunOS systems.
How do I change things so things update as expected? I want
changes made on the NIS clients to ripple up to the NIS+ server
and vice versa, so my users don't have to change their passwd
in 2 places.

        I will be adding automounter capability to these systems
pretty soon. I've been thinking of using amd, because that
seemed to be the most stable automounter the last time I did
anything like this about 3 years ago. Any opinions one way
or another? Does the choice of NIS+/NIS affect this one way o

Loki Cariapa

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