video shadows 1meg ram on vl 8meg system

video shadows 1meg ram on vl 8meg system

Post by Jim S » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 04:17:50

just helped a friend installing linux 1.0.9 and xf86 2.1.1 on a dx2-66 8meg
system.  it seems to be swapping constantly when running x.  /proc/meminfo
shows only 7meg of available memory.  it's my suspicion that the other
meg of ram's address space is usurped by the 1meg video card.  the extra meg
is still unavailabe after we disabled all bios shadowing in bios setup.  
12.5% memory loss is quite significant.  shouldn't vesa local bus video
card use address beyond the first 16meg?

i have the similar problem on my own system; but it being a 16meg system, i
don't have much to complain; it being an isa system, i have no right to
complain.  i'm thinking of upgrading my system to a lb one with 4meg video
card; but would be disinclined to do so if a 4meg card would push 3 more
megs of system ram into black hole, even on a vl/pci system.



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