Linux on the Thinkpad 350?

Linux on the Thinkpad 350?

Post by Peter Valkenbu » Sat, 06 Nov 1993 20:03:18

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>I was informed that recently someone posted to this newsgroup that they
>succesfully installed Linux on the IBM ThinkPad 350.  I have been unable
>to find the article.  Could someone either confirm this, or tell me
>where I might find an archive for this newsgroup so that I may search
>for the article.

We've installed the Linux SLS 1.02 (= not the most recent version)
distribution on a Thinkpad 300C (IBM's 386SL color notebook) the day
before yesterday.

It works ok, though we had a little trouble with the Linux extended fs.

We also managed to run Xfree (pre-2.0) in monochrome mode with a Microsoft-
compatible mouse on the serial port.  We only have 4M RAM installed + 8M swap.
It's slow but won't crash.  We'll try Xfree 2.0 with 16bit color next.

This probably means you can run Linux on *any* ThinkPad [fingers crossed].


        Peter Valkenburg
        Dept. Computer Affairs
        Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
        The Netherlands


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Hi all. I'm new of this newsgroup and maybe my question could
be an old question. Can I install Linux on the IBM ThinkPad 350?
I know that there are problems on some notebooks but I don't know
if my notebook is among these. Is a 120Mb HD enough for linux as
I need space for my DOS programs too?

Thanks in advance.



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