Incoming mail with smail 3.1.28 bind

Incoming mail with smail 3.1.28 bind

Post by Michael Sander » Mon, 19 Dec 1994 06:59:36

I have installed smail 3.1.28 bind, which seems to handle mail exchange
fine for outgoing mail, but *incoming* mail now accumulates, one file per
message, in /var/spool/smail/input. Nothing appears in
/usr/spool/mail/username. Do I need to rebuild, change a configuration
setting, make a symbolic link, give up, or what?

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1. Problem with Smail 3.1.28 build for BIND

I'm attempting to build smail 3.1.28 from the newspak 1.2 distribution.  In
particular, I've defined DRIVER_CONFIGURATION=arpa-network and HAVE BIND to
attempt to generate an smail that will use MX records and such, since I'm
directly on the Internet.

I'm using the 99.4 kernel from SLS, recompiled to include 8390 ethernet
drivers, which more or less work fine.

When attempting to make -k all, initially I got messages about gcc not
being able to find cpp.  This was solved by removing the -V 4.1 flag from
the compiler options.  Is this flag needed?  It seems to indicate that the
system should look for version 4.1 of gcc, which obviously isn't installed.

Once I fixed that, in gethost.c and other name service functions, I get
numerous errors including 'AF_INET undeclared' 'SOCK_STREAM undeclared'
'storage size of 'ipaddr' isn't known'.  bindlib.c has syntax errors,
and nearly everything is undeclared.

I have a feeling I need to include one or more linux tcp files, or set
another conditional define to better match the linux tcp code.  Can
anyone point me in the right direction?

There are several other things about various packages that have me

'w' from the ps package included with SLS prints only a - for the
current command of users logged in over the network, but prints
the correct command for local users.  The current command appears
fine in a 'ps' display; it's just 'w' that is confused.  Is there
anything that can be done?

Finger does not display last login or new mail information at all;
fingering a user not currently logged in claims 'Never logged in.'
when 'last' records their logins just fine.  'last' does not seem
to be able to tell when network users, and sometime local users,
log out, however.  Fingering a user logged in displays a more
correct 'On since xx:xx:xx...' line.  Again, why?  I like this
finger more than the GNU finger, but I didn't see source for the
finger included with SLS when I looked.

Shutdown seems to go to sleep and not wake up.  This could be related
to other packages that seem to do the same -- nnmaster, for example,
which is documented in the README.linux.  Shutdown sends the first
broadcast message, and sometimes the second, but never starts
reboot.  If invoked as shutdown -r NOW, sometimes it will reboot,
but most times the shutdown process will just sleep.  Has anyone
else seen this?

All in all, though, I'm very impressed.  nn compiled cleanly for NNTP,
the Prospero archie client compiled out of the package, and people
can telnet in and out.  It's impressivly fast on this 386/25, even.
Quite a change from last year...

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