how do add a driver for any hardware

how do add a driver for any hardware

Post by gopa » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 03:41:14


when i need to add a driver for any hardware  that is not there by
default in linux box.

if the hardware company gives the driver or if i download it how will
i add to kernel.



1. Q: Watchdog hardware driver - anyone done?

I've to write a driver for a watchdog card, "Watchdog 1" by Quancom Electronic.
This card works as follows:

A specific address (or port or whatever...) must be written to repeatedly within
small time intervals (about 1 sec). If the watchdog doesn't get notified in time,
it will hard-reset the PC.

Has anyone done somthing like this?
Where would be a good point for doing the write operation? I'm thinking of the
schedule() function, or a timer.

The goal is that a server machine can be left unattended for weeks. The watchdog
should "detect" kernel failures, hangups etc. and reset the machine (assuming
that a hard reset will result in a working state automatically).

-- Hannes

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