Autologout/timelimit tools anyone?

Autologout/timelimit tools anyone?

Post by James R » Mon, 14 Nov 1994 16:14:58

I need some sort of utility that would allow me to setup timelimits of
different values such as 90mins, 120mins, and 180mins.  Different users are
allocated different time limits on my system, and I can't see an easy way to
administer this.  Has anybody got a solution to this problem?

Otherwise I may have to only allow one type of access :^(.

Any info appreciated.


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1. Tools Tools Tools ... wanted


We have seveeral unix servers which are tightly link together(cross mount
points, NIS master/slave, NFS mounted $HOME, >5 network cards/server==>
routing nightmare...) I don't think there are any commercial tools off the
shelf can help us to manage this server.

What I need:
Do you know there is any public domain tools that will check most of the
unix daemon/NFS/NIS configuration/print queue/route.. in one command. It
would be a good
base for me to start so I can modify to the way we want. Right now there
is always something missing after system reboot and it took us hours to
locate them. I am sure that there is some tools that some administrators
are using now bit I don'tknow.

I appreciate any pointers and thoughts.


(Please email me also)

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