Post by Poor Impulse Contr » Mon, 10 Jan 1994 18:17:09

I have the same sourceof problems...I installed libc-4.5.8, and pl14
source last night, and I got everything going just nicely until I
had to do the 'make dep' command....it started working, then stopped
in the middle and said:
                        cpp: memory exhausted

I addes more swap space (increased it to 15 meg swap), but that didnt'
alleviate the problem...anyone have any other suggestions?

I have a 386dx25 with 4 megs RAM, 15 megs swap
         20 meg HD (for swap and dos), and 40 megs for Linux (with only 7megs
                                           left on it! < 0---could that be
                                           the problem?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)