Help getting X started

Help getting X started

Post by Edward F Mun » Thu, 26 Aug 1993 16:43:51

How about someone putting some usefull beginner info here?

1. !!Getting rid of auto start programs at start/Dialing up freeserve!!

is there a way to get rid of those nasty startup proggies as soon as you log
in...i think its the redhathat help browser, and midnight commander that
start first...
also how do i dialup to freeserve...i found a diaup program in the
menu's...i set that up but i get errors windoze the diamond
56k modem is on com3, but i tried that for linux and it doesnt appear to
agree with me?
how can i tell what port its on...
there is a modem in the dialup bit..when i click delete, then close it, it
magically re-appears there a way to reconfigure the settings i
chose when it first detected the modem?
or could someone tell me the steps to setting up an internet connection..the
only thing i think i will need is the DNS of freeserve..i have my login info
and telephone number already

thanx for listening to my ramblings, but i cant find any info in the help


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