NEED HELP w/ getting SLIP using DIP

NEED HELP w/ getting SLIP using DIP

Post by Marcin Zarans » Sat, 20 Aug 1994 07:12:18

 Hello everyone ...
I'm having a problem getting SLIP to work on my Linux box. My modem has no
problem dialing the SLIP server, and i get a SLIP connection, but when i try
to telnet anywhere, or finger any other site, it just hangs 'till the
connection times out. When i run dip -v i get the following message '' tty:
getc: I/O error '' I'm not sure if that is the problem or not ... SLIP mode
seems to be fine, it just doesent seem to offer me the ability to DO anything.
BTW i'm using the slackware 2.0 release on a 486DX2/66 w/ a Sportster 14400
modem on cua2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please respond by email

thanx for your time,



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I have a rocketport serial port in a RedHat linux box.
I am trying to hook-up a (wireless) modem to one of the ports.
I have verified that the modem works by running the cu program which
reads and writes properly to the port.  However, when I try to run DIP
to set-up a slip connection with the modem, the modem doesn't reply
properly.  If i send an AT string and then wait for a reply the system
simply hangs while waiting, even if there is a time-out set.

any help greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Blumenfeld

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