Sound Card SCSI II

Sound Card SCSI II

Post by Philip Knightbrid » Wed, 23 Feb 1994 18:07:52

We have been considering making up another Linux machine but don't
know much about the SCSI contrrollers. We have used Adaptec 1542 cards
for other machines which work well. What is the performance like of
the Sound Blaster 16 SCSI card which I believe is a 1522 (?) type

Would anybody recommend using a sound/SCSI card or do they have slow
transfers ?

Any help would be appreciated


| hil|\nightbridge  (Tel: 031-451-3506)       Heriot-Watt Univ., Edinburgh UK


1. Problem: Put together SCSI H.D. and CDROM using Sound Blaster 16 SCSI II

Hi linuxers:

   I am trying to put to work together a CHINON CDS-435 and a SEAGATE
Hard Disk ST-1480N controlled by a Sound Blaster 16 SCSI II card, but I
can't do it.

   When I boot with the floppy and both devices are conected,the
controller is detected O.K., after that it tries to detect the hard disk,
but it send several messages without say the H.D. was detected, after
that it detects properly the CDROM.

   If I connect only the CDROM or the hard disk there is no problem, it
detects the controller and the device.

   I have to say I use exactly the same configuration under MSDOS using
EZ-SCSI drivers provided by Creative Labs with the controller, I have to
put the switches /u- (don't use synchronous mode)  and /c (disable
disconnect) to the aspi2dos.sys driver in the config.sys file. With this
fixes both devices work fine (Thanks to adaptec people, Creative Labs and
Chinon were useless).

   Does somebody have any clue to solve this problem ????

  Thank you in advance.

Jose Luis Martinez S.
Systems Engineer, GeoQuest Mexico.

phone: (525)2606725     fax: (525)2607925

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