gated.conf, Does anyone have this puppy working on a linux box.

gated.conf, Does anyone have this puppy working on a linux box.

Post by Matthew Mart » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 21:33:49

 I am looking for anyone that has gotten gated to work on their linux box.  I
have had contact with many people that can't get it to work.

If I just put "interface passive ;" and run gdc checkconf I get a
parse error on interface.

If some kind souls could send me their gated.conf I could compare.  Maybe
someone out there knows that this is a dead horse, and can tell me to stop
wasting my time on it.

I have a slip interface I would get use to gateway two other machines, one mac
and one dos windows from my local ethernet segment.  

Any help would be great,



gated.conf, Does anyone have this puppy working on a linux box.

Post by st.. » Wed, 07 Sep 1994 18:19:17

#  This configuration emulates routed.  It runs RIP and never turns
#  off an interface due to lack of input RIP data.
#NOTE that RIP *will not* run if UDP checksums are disabled in
#the kernel.

interfaces {                    
        interface all passive ;

Quote:} ;                            

rip yes ;
#traceoptions all;

thats all I use.. Works well and we have a large network

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I've been banging my head on gated.conf for two days now over what
should be a really simple setup.

What I want to do is to announce via RIP my ethernet subnet to a
router at the other end of a SLIP connection. Using the gated.conf
below, I can receive RIP updates from the remote router, but
no RIP packets are sent from my local gateway.

Here're the particulars:

gated r3_5alpha_7
My subnet: mask
My gateway: ethernet slip
Router: remote

My gated.conf:

rip yes
export proto rip interface
        proto direct
       mask metric 1;

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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