double man pages in man and cat

double man pages in man and cat

Post by Peter Berg » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 04:30:01

 > Throw away the man pages for which you have the corresponding cat
 > pages. This way you're sure that:

I did throw away the cat-pages.

 > 1. The cat pages won't be created again from the man pages.
A _working_ man will not do that _OR_ it should ('cause the unformatted man
page is newer/updated. Guess what? There exist sources that have the
appropriate man pages with 'em... :)

 > 2. The man command will work much faster (no need to reformat the
 >    man pages again).

I can live very well with that little delay (in most cases) and I like to good
printouts (groff -mandoc -Tps).



1. double man pages in man and cat

How can I reduce the redundancy between the manpages in /usr/man/man<n>
and /usr/man/cat<n> ? I played a little with it, manually, but in vain.
And worst of all, xman (,v 1.19 91/07/31) and man (version 1.1)
do not seem to use the same files by default.

Any smart solutions to this (ie nice perl scripts to tidy it up ??)

Any pointers welcome. Cheers, Dirk
Dirk Eddelbuettel

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