Printing thru a magic box

Printing thru a magic box

Post by James C Moo » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 12:19:08

I am trying to get my Laptop (compaq elite) to print to a HP4.  It is in
an office where several pc's connect to a box via serial ports (16 I think)
and then to the HP4.  I get a message from the serial box that the buffer is
full.  The lpd daemon is working and sending the job, it is just not getting
through the box.  

Any pointers? (nothing found in the HOWTO)  

I will submit the solution to the HOWTO as soon as I have the solution.




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I just set up a brand new HP LaserJet 4M+ and now I want to print to it.  I've
got our main UNIX box printing to it just fine (using JetAdmin), but we've
got some DEC machines running Ultrix, some Macs, some IBMs running Linux, etc.

Since JetAdmin doesn't run on these machines, I was wondering if there was
some kinda way to have each of these machines just sort of "hand off" the
things they want to print to our main SunOS machine, rather than having to
set up a queue on each & every one of them.

Actually, I called HP and they said this could be done, but that they don't
support it, so they couldn't help me.

So, what is it that I need to get to make this happen?

Jeffrey Moskot
System Administrator

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