Device Drivers -- IDE vs. SCSI

Device Drivers -- IDE vs. SCSI

Post by Keith Sco » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 07:29:59

Hello World:

        Could someone tell me how I could find a device driver
that would work for an IDE Phillips CD-Rom?  The only drivers
I have are for SCSI.  Also, I have a Soundblaster 16-bit sound
card that I need a driver for as well.  Can someone help me
out here?

Keith Scott

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1. PCI device vs SCSI device driver

Hi there:
   I am totally confused by those two drivers.
   Here is the brief story. I am working on linux device driver for a
piece of hardware and this is my first time implementing Linux driver.
It's a piece of PCI hardware with two controllers, SD and MS (memory
stick). when I plugged into linux system and boot it, we could see that
Linux (2.4.20, redhat 9) found TWO PCI devices.

   We succeeded finishing a SCSI device driver for the SD part and this
driver works fine. Now, we are stuck when we are trying to implement
hot-plug. We know that PCI supports hot-plug but not SCSI device. we
already told Linux that this is a SCSI device. Can we tell Linux that it
  is BOTH SCSI and PCI device?

thanks in advance


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