Syquest 105 Mb 3.5" IDE, does it work?

Syquest 105 Mb 3.5" IDE, does it work?

Post by Sverre H. Huse » Fri, 10 Jun 1994 18:27:11

I'm planning to buy some backup equipment for my Linux-box.
The removable "hard floppy"-disk from Syquest seems like an
interesting thing. Does anybody know if it will work with
Linux? The Hardware-HOWTO under IDE-harddisks, states that
"most will work", but I don't know if this drive is like
"most" of the others...


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Syquest 105 Mb 3.5" IDE, does it work?

Post by Karl Eichwald » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 08:05:30

Why the devil you will buy the IDE equipement?  I've heard, it eats too m ouch
CPU recourses.

I'm running an old 44MB SCSI device here, and I'm quite happy with it.



1. Linux and SyQuest SQ3105S (105 MB) cartridge drive?

I have just acquired a SyQuest SQ3105S cartridge drive.  This drive holds
105 MB per removable cartridge, and the cartridges are 3.5" size.  I got
the internal SCSI model, with the intention of mounting it in my PC's case
and hooking it into my Adaptec AHA-1540B SCSI card.

(a) Will this drive work in this setup?
(b) Does Linux fully support the concept of a removable hard drive?  Will
I be able to read to, write from, mount, unmount, etc. cartridges, and
allow users to mount and unmount the cartridges with the "user" option in
/etc/fstab, without having any data damage?
(c) Can Linux use these cartridges as a backup device?
(d) Can Linux read cartridges formatted with a DOS filesystem, just as
easily (and as bug-free) as if with ext2 formatted cartridges, etc.?

Sorry if the questions sound naive, I am just trying to make sure
everything will work right in my system.

Please respond by mail or to c.o.l.hardware.  Thanks!
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