replying by e-mail

replying by e-mail

Post by Stephen Bens » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 18:40:51

Quote:>Can people stop claiming that they would prefer it if queries were replied by
>e-mail? Clearly they're wrong.
>If someone has a query, then undoubtedly someone else would also like to know
>the answer.
>So can everyone make sure they post all replies as well as e-mailing directly
>to those who have queries. It will help us all.

There are valid reasons for wanting email replies -- but the recipient should
feel obliged to post a summary.



1. News replies by e-mail (was: Someone to tell me how to recognize calling terminal)

[good reasons for POSTING replies to news-posts instead of e-mailing snipped]

A while ago, I would have agreed with this. However, after having been
subjected to the amount of spam mail that one gets from being a fairly
active poster to various news groups, I have changed my mind.

There are just too many spammers that you can filter them out automatically,
and sifting through 10-15 spam messages to pick out the one or two *real*
e-mails does get to be annoying. Besides, I pay real money for getting
my e-mail delivered.

So, this week-end I changed my news setup to use the "spamcan" address.

You can still reply to the address - you will just get an automatic reply
telling you how to get through to me. Since spammers usually ignore replies
or use invalid return adresses, I hope it will be a workable solution.

And it actually encourages what we agree on: That replies to news postings
should be *posted*, not e-mailed.

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Henrik Storner                 
"The POP3 server service depends on the SMTP server service, which
 failed to start because of the following error:
 The operation completed successfully." -Windows NT Server v3.51

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