tape blocking factors

tape blocking factors

Post by Frank H. Duffy, M. » Tue, 12 Apr 1994 04:09:10

How does one set blocking factors on peripheral tapes like 4mm DATs.
Cant change mine via tar "b" option. It is "stuck" at b=1 and it
should be b=20.  My GNU mt V2.3 does not have a "setblk" option.
Any help out there?

Please mail to duffyfr address below. THanks



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1. tar tape blocking factor

I have an 8mm tape written on a Sun system using tar. My problem is reading
the tapes. I can read the tape on a Linux(intel) computer using GNU tar with
my 8mm Exabyte Eliant 820 tape drive connected. But only if I set  the
blocking mode to zero( mt -f /dev/rmt0 setblk 0 ). How can I tell what the
blocking factor the tape was written in on the Sun system? The person I am
getting the tapes from doesn't know how to tell.  The command used to create
the tape was "tar cvf /dev/rmt/0c".

I called Exabyte tech support, but they said there tape drives can write
using any blocking factor and that I needed to check with my backup software

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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