dip to modem communication problem

dip to modem communication problem

Post by Richter.Juergen T 7270 R 92-509 WS sl3 » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 16:42:43

When I call "dip -t -v" and enter some commands, e.g. "port /dev/cua0",
"speed 2400", "dial 123456", nothing gets sent to the modem before
I enter "quit". What do I have to do to make "dip", the cua0-driver (or
whatelse?) send my commands immediately to the modem after I have typed
them in? Or is it the normal behaviour of dip to send everything to the
modem at the end of your interactive session?

Seyon works fine with /dev/cua0. In the output of the "port /dev/cua0"
command there are two fields I would like to know the meaning of, i.e.
IBUF and OBUF. They have both values around 1024.


1. DIP: dip -k leaves modem in funny state?

: Whenever I want to quit SLIP'ing I type "dip -k" but
: this seems to leave my modem in a state where it can't
: be accessed by - for example - uucico. The error I get

I don't have my linux-box at hand, but I read (in readme for dip,
/usr/doc/dip unless you rm-ed it ;) that DIP indeed quits without
reseting the modem.

: I can reset the modem by hand, but I'm looking for a
: more elegant way. Doesn't dip reset the modem, and if
: not, is there another way to do it?

There was something about using the exit or reset command in there,
maybe that helps. If not, send me email and I'll look it up in my


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