Listproc 6.0 port?

Listproc 6.0 port?

Post by Cam Proct » Tue, 28 Jun 1994 03:00:21

I got the most current version of listproc, and (what I thought was
the correct) patch for it.  The patch was for 6.0a not 6.0c.  Does
anyone know of a linux site that has the correct patch/ported version
for Linux?  I'm running 1.1.18.  I've looked at sunsite but didn't
find it.


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1. smail/listproc

I'm having a slight problem running listproc6.0c... When smail passes the
mail through a pipe to the catmail program, it hacks a hairball... I get an
exit code 3, which is incorrect parameters, however when I manually pass a
fake email to the catmail program, it works fine... Why? The alias for
listproc in /usr/lib/aliases is:

listproc:"|/home/server/catmail -r -f"


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