SLS 1.03 doesn't know my VLB SCSI Adapter

SLS 1.03 doesn't know my VLB SCSI Adapter

Post by Carsten Zimm » Sun, 22 Aug 1993 05:22:57

my system is 486/DX-50 with a MAXTOR 340MB SCSI-disk. The disk
is controlled by an DTC 3270 VL SCSI adapter. When I try to install
the SLS-distribution 1.03 on this disk, no SCSI-device is found
(the boot-program ob the a1-disk doesn't find any SCSI-hosts and/or
What can I do???
please answer directly to my e-mail address

any help would be wonderful
        regards, Carsten


1. SLS 1.03: a1 sees my scsi drive but bootdisk doesn't

I just installed the new SLS (1.03)  distribution and am having
problems getting my scsi disk recognized.  When I boot with the a1
disk, the scsi card (seagate st01) and the disk are both recognized
ok.  If I boot with a1, hit 'alt' at LILO, and type
'harddisk root=/dev/sda2', then the scsi disk is recognized and the
partition is mounted fine.

When I boot with the bootdisk, the scsi card is recognized but the
hard drive is not.  I tried using some other -Defined values when
compiling seagate.c, but this did not help.  Can anyone tell me why
the a1 disk sees my scsi drive but the bootdisk (made by a1) can't?

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Dave Pinkney

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