Getting X working...

Getting X working...

Post by Jay Freem » Fri, 20 Aug 1993 10:16:50

        I've just installed Linux using the SLS package.  I've scanned
the FAQ, read various man pages etc., but am still pretty clueless as
to how I get X to work. The script Install does not run as it requires
the source to be present.  Is there a script somewhere in this package
that (semi-)automates the setup? Is there one available elsewhere? Is
there a good doc somewhere I haven't found?

My Hardware consists of:

        486-33 ISA bus, 12 MB Ram, 256K ext cache
        200 MB Seagate IDE drive
        1.44 & 1.2 floppies (w/ Irwin A120 tape drv attached)
        SoundBlaster Pro w/CDROM  (btw, any drivers for this coming?)
        ATI Graphics Ultra Pro, 2Meg, VGA setup as "shared"
        3 button mouse on ATI card

I currently have Linux on a 95 MB partition, with OS/2 on the rest (FAT),
so I don't think I have room to recompile the X sources.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jay




Getting X working...

Post by BARRY TITMARS » Fri, 20 Aug 1993 12:54:38

Mosty with all versions of X its important that when you do get things
up and running to Keep safe your Xconfig,
I have upgraded through the various versions of X but every time i have
used my OLD copy of the Xconfig. and every time i have had a working
The secret of getting X to work is to find an Xconfig for your VGA card
and stick to it.


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