POP and shadow

POP and shadow

Post by Mike R. Prevo » Mon, 27 Feb 1995 01:11:10

I can't seem to get POP to work. I'm runnint the shadow password suite and
I'm trying to use the pop server that supports shadows that I found on
sunsite.  Has anyone got a working POP server on a machine running shadow?

Can I use the regular pop server if I link with libshadow?


--- mIke


1. POP (pop3d, ipop3d) problems with Shadow passwords

Hi All

  I have been trying to get pop3d (with shadow support) and ipop3d to work on
Solaris 2.4. I can not get them working with the shadow password file i.e.
user unkown getpwname failures. Has anybody solved this problem? Any info.
gratefully accepted.



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