Sendmail, smail, and pine

Sendmail, smail, and pine

Post by hur.. » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 00:22:45

I am geting this error:

/usr/lib/config :phrase error : expected '=' after attribute name

my config file:

I tried a few different addresses, but got the same error.  Yes I did look at
the docs.  I bought a book on sendmail (750 pages O'reilly $ associates)  

I am trying to set up pine to work, so amy information in that direction would
be appreciated.  

Is there a FAQ on how to set the config files up for smail and pine ?

what is the difference between smail and sendmail

Email me at:


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Could someone explain some pros and cons on using Sendmail vs
smail or others? I'm using smail with Linux, it works ok so far. But
have heard other saying sendmail is good *and* easy (yet I've read some
posts comp.mail.sendmail about problems...)

Should I switch to it? Or follow the universal golden rule:

        "If it ain't break, dont' fix it."


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