Has anybody gotten bootpd to work?

Has anybody gotten bootpd to work?

Post by Thomas Russell Hoov » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 00:33:03

I'm trying to setup a boot server for about 5 pcs. I'm not having any luck.
I've read the HOWTO and Network Admin Guide - zilch. Can anybody point me in
the right direction?


TOm Hoover


1. Is anybody working on getting Lombard USB working?

Hello all,

I use Linux PPC v5 on a 400 MHz "Lombard" PowerBook and it's *great* --
my only problem is that I can't use an external USB keyboard and mouse.

Is there a kernel hacker out there who could enlighten me as to the
issues involved in getting this to work? (I'm UNIX kernel literate, but
haven't looked into USB support.)

Are all Mac USB stacks made for the older interface chips?

Is anyone currently working on getting this to work? (If yes, do you
want some help?)

...any reply appreciated...


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