Help with Quota and Acct?

Help with Quota and Acct?

Post by Kevin David Bohr » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 13:26:44

I am trying to get the ACCT, QUOTA, and RUPTIME programs to run on my box
(kernel 1.1.92) and all three of them are giving me errors looking for
include files that are program specific such as quota.h and acct.h.  I
tried grabbing these files from the sites that I got the acct and quota
source from and they give me even more errors.  Does anyone have a clue where I
should start?


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1. QUOTA - Please help, where can I find 1.32 and Acct 1.32

I cannot find the 1.32 version of quota.  I cannot even find the 1.31
anyplace (I do have it on a cd - but couldn't patch it successfully,
it had trouble compiling dquot.c (no declaration of QF_OPENING,
I checked the common FTP site at MIT, UNC etc...and they have old

Please help me either with the QF undeclared part (The patch had
trouble patching fs.h but I think I did it ok by hand.) or finding
these new versions.
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