KDE 2.1.1 - Konsole only scrolls unless root

KDE 2.1.1 - Konsole only scrolls unless root

Post by David Blai » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 07:19:17

    When I am running KDE 2.1.1, the Konsole does not scroll unless I am
root. I even have the history option checked under the "Settings" menu
when I am a normal user. Any information on this would be appreciated.
Dave Blair

1. Can't su to root (KDE 3.0 Konsole)

I have just installed KDE 3.0 on my FreeBSD 4.5-Stable system.  
Everything works fine other than I am unable to su to root, as

~ $ su root
~ $

I AM entering the correct password.  I can switch to another
desktop and su to root in my shell.

Any ideas?


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