kspread displays all numbers as 0

kspread displays all numbers as 0

Post by Dirk Groenevel » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 15:16:41


Kspread hates me. It displays all the numbers I enter as 0. The numbers are
tthere, the sum un the status bar is correct, but they wont show.

I start a new spreadsheet, klick on cell A1, hit 5 and enter. Cell A1 now
shows "0", but the status bar at the bottom sais "Sum: 5".

The same thing happens when I open files I downloaded (read: that I didn't
create myself). All the numbers are there, but the cells only display "0".


I am using kspread 1.2.1 on kde 3.0.5a on gentoo linux.

Does anyone know what i can do about that?

Thank you,


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