kmix using too much time?

kmix using too much time?

Post by Jim Shaffer, Jr » Mon, 29 Jul 2002 09:58:06

Recently I started having problems with my system becoming sluggish, and while
running 'top' I sometimes noticed kmix jumping to near the top of the list.
Telling 'top' to sort by accumulated time rather than current percentage yielded
the following list: setiathome, setiathome (it's a dual-processor box), X,
wineserver, kmix, gkrellm, pluginserver, kdeinit...  As you can see, kmix is the
5th biggest user of cpu time on the system, even ahead of gkrellm which is a
system monitor and thus more or less constantly active!  All kmix is doing is
sitting in the taskbar, so should it be using so much time?  (I'm not blaming it
for the sluggishness -- I think that's a wine problem -- but it still seems odd
so I thought I'd ask.)

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I have a wintv card installed in my machine, which means taht kmix loads 2
mixers into it (normal, wintv mixer). this works fine except that the slider
that pops up from the tray is the Wintv one, not the sound card one. also
xmms links itself to the tv card mixer. how do i make my apps use the proper
    - Jeff

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