KDE refuses to start any apps when logged in as root

KDE refuses to start any apps when logged in as root

Post by Fabio M Alberti » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I'm trying to get a Linux server up and running here on a university
campus LAN. Just a few days ago, a problem has cropped up with KDE:

- KDE doesn't "like" root user
For a few days now, whenever I log into KDE under root, the desktop is
blank as opposed to filled with the icons I created and KDE just plain
refuses to execute any application. Could this be due to a malicious
hack attack on the machine? How can I go about restoring the functioning

of KDE?

I'd be grateful for any hints or pointers to useful sites or howto's.
Please CC your response to my e-mail address as I don't check this
newsgroup very often.
Thanks in advance.


Fabio Albertin


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