Two issues with KDE 3.1/RH 7.3

Two issues with KDE 3.1/RH 7.3

Post by Yeechang Le » Tue, 11 Feb 2003 07:46:30

After recently upgrading from 3.0.5a (RedHat) to 3.1 on my Red Hat 7.3
box, I've run into three issues:

1) kicker crashes constantly, including about half the time I move the
   pointer near the bottom edge of the screen.
2) KDE apps' menubars don't appear properly; typically I'll see half
   of the rightmost menu appear on the left edge of the window. All
   the menus are actually there (I can flip through them with the
   cursor keys) but most are invisible.
3) konqueror isn't able to pull up any other pages.

Otherwise everything works right as far as I can tell. I've tried
recompiling from the SRPMs (as I do anyway in order to optimize for
Athlon) with no change.  Suggestions? (I have not yet tried the
packages at

  2:40pm  up 23:53, 13 users,  load average: 5.30, 5.41, 5.19
154 processes: 146 sleeping, 7 running, 1 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 17.8% user,  7.6% system, 24.5% nice,  0.0% idle


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I just recently installed teh RH 7.3 beta - I now cannot start up X
Windows due to nvidia drivers not supporting the 7.3 Kernel.  It seems
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uninstall it it says it is not installed.  My x86config file has the
original nvidia information in it (i.e. the DRI module and the driver
is back to just "nv").  Is there anyway around this?  Would it be
possible to complile the 7.2 kernel back on RH 7.3? or do I need to
reinstall RH?  It is not a critical machine so not too
worried..wouldnt of put a beta on it if it was - I guess I am just
looking to see if there is anyway around it so I dont have to take the
time to reinstall 7.2 and lose what data on there i do have....



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