Redhat 5.2 + kde- won't let me change to 'kwm'

Redhat 5.2 + kde- won't let me change to 'kwm'

Post by Chris Spieg » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999 03:03:03 GMT,  

>What I want:  I want to go full bore into KDE, window manager and all.  I even
>want it to start automatically with x-windows.

The documentation describes how to do this.  You have to run startkde
instead of another window manager.  Do this by editing ~/.xinitrc.  If it
doesn't exist, create it and put startkde in there.  If it does exist,
replace whatever windowmanager is starting with startkde.  Now when you
startx it should work fine.
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Redhat 5.2 + kde- won't let me change to 'kwm'

Post by Jens Kristian S?gaa » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

> So after I played around a little with WindowMaker I read up on kde a little
> bit and decided it was worth looking into.  My distribution came with KDE on

I would advice you to grab the newest RPM's of KDE from Those are KDE 1.1-pre2 ( although it's a pre-release,
it's completely stable ).

It features a new, very improved installation method. It's _very_

Jens Kristian S?gaard,


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I have a Dell 1550 machine which supposedly contains an OEM Intel LAN
interface.  I installed Redhat Linux 7.1 on it.  (Actually the updated
one from  During installation the LAN interfaces
were recognized as needing eepro100 drivers.  Following Dell's
instructions, I replaced the reference to eepro100 in /etc/modules.conf
with e100 and rebooted.  But neither before or after doing the above
will the machine talk in any way with a 10BaseT hub, even though the
boot-time scripts show '[OK]' for eth0 (and eth1).

This machine is currently at a location with no 100BaseT, so I haven't
tested to see if it will do 100BaseT.

Is there any known problem with these machines related to 10BaseT?

Note that 'man eepro100' and 'man e100' turned up nothing, so it appears
that these particular device drivers are undocumented.  Nor did various
searches for e100 and eepro100 at and turn
up anything relevant to this problem.

Nor could I find any argument to 'ifconfig' that was able to force the
LAN interface into 10BaseT mode.  I had figured that all LAN interfaces
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Suggestions would be welcome.  Please post or email as you consider
appropriate, but not both. Thank-you.

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