KDE 3.0 - kdm & chooser problem (RH7.2)

KDE 3.0 - kdm & chooser problem (RH7.2)

Post by Gareth Davie » Thu, 09 May 2002 14:40:51

Has anyone come across a problem with getting kdm to run the chooser
program in KDE 3.0?

I'm trying to run X -indirect `hostname` out of inittab, and this is OK if
I use xdm, but not with kdm.

I have checked that kdm is responding to xdmcp requests by running a
chooser on another host.

The same configuration works with KDE 2.2.2, so I think a bug may have
crept in, somewhere in the area of invoking the chooser, or perhaps in
the chooser itself.

In the same area, can the KDE chooser be configured with X resources or by
any other means?


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