kde1.1 vs kde1.1.2

kde1.1 vs kde1.1.2

Post by Ulrich Eckhard » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

A Big Hello !
Im running Debian2.1(slink), somewhere on the way to 2.2(potato). I have
kde1.1.2 and qt1.45-0.4 installed - although i had to use
--ignore-depends=qt1g to convince kde to install, because the .deb-packages
of qt provide libqt1g and kde requires qt1g( IMHO those are the same).
The problem:
Several apps complain on startup via console that __vt_6QFrame, __vt_4QTab,
__vt_9QGroupBox and some more have different size in shared object. Well,
as long as they just complain thats ok but I figure that this can lead to
some weird and hard to track problems.
Another observation is that when downgrading to kde1.1 these complaints
cease - instead several other apps(kfm, kpanel) spontaneously seg-fault. :(
Now, what Im really looking for is an explanation for this behaviour and
maybe a remedy. Anyway: I cant imagine how a program runs when its shared
libraries use different sized objects ???

Thanx for enlightening me


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Greger Haga
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