modem configuration

modem configuration

Post by Colesant » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

Since i installed Linux Mandrake 5.3 with KDE 1.1, i can't use my modem
(linux don't know in wich com port is installed)
Where can i assign to my modem Com ports?
(with RedHat 5.2 it was in the control pannel)

1. Modem configuration on 16-Port RAN

Name: Hctor Javier Ramos Salazar

Date: 1/14/97
Time: 6:45:31 PM
Piedras Negras, Coahuila MEXICO

I installed a hayes accura 288 modem in a 16-Port concentrator (RAN) and I defined
like a tty with 19200 baud rate, in city B I installed the same modem to a PC running
a terminal emulator software (Iceten) also configured as 19200 baud rate.

When the person from city B try to connect to our RS/6000 most of the time only he/she
receives a Connected 19200 message but the login never is displayed.

How can I configured the tty port or the modem in order that this communication works

Thanks in advanced

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