Saving Icon Positions

Saving Icon Positions

Post by Dan McQuad » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi there. I just recently installed KDE (Last night to be exact) and
I love it! I have just one small problem, every time I exit the current
X-Windows session, when I re-enter X, all of my icons which I have
placed on random spots about the desktop have been moved to left hand
side of the screen in ascending order. Is there any way that I can have
KDE save the icon postitions which I choose? Thanks in adavance for the



1. Icons, Icon veiwer and Icon converter

Dear Newsgroup,

Looking for the following:

*  Sites and directories for icons that I can use in the toolbar when setting
    up new buttons in X
* An icon viewer for linux and I heard that you are able to get an icon
  converter from somewhere which allows you to convert icons from a Windows
  format *.ico to a format in X

Thank you to all.


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