Listing events w/ korganizer

Listing events w/ korganizer

Post by Gar » Wed, 04 Jul 2001 05:36:42

I can use 'korganizer -l' to list the events for the current day, but
I have no control over where the output goes.  It doesn't go to either
stdout or stderr.  It goes to the same pseudo-terminal that I used to
issue the first korganizer command for that login session, even if I
issue the 'korganizer -l' command in a different pseudo-terminal.  If
I close the window for the pseudo-terminal it wants to put its output,
the output is lost.

I need to redirect the output so I can format it to my needs.  Is
there some way I can do this?

I'm using korganizer: 2.1, KDE: 2.1, and Qt: 2.2.4 on a Redhat 6.2

Thanks in advance for any help.



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The package I have currently installed in kdepim-2.2-1

Any thoughts?


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